You need no money to hire Disability Lawyer Donald Peters.  He receives a small percentage fee from past due benefits only if you win.  In the unlikely event you lose, there is no attorney fee whatsoever.  No win – No fee.

Social Security Professionals uses a fee agreement that strictly adheres to  guidelines set by the Social Security Administration.  The current guidelines set attorney fees at 25% of past due benefits with a maximum cap of $6,000.00.   You don’t have to worry about paying this since the Social Security Administration will pay your fee for you out of your past due benefits.  If you do not win or if you do win and there is no past due benefits, there is no attorney fee.  Since our office uses a fee arrangement approved by the Social Security Administration, when you win your claim, a lot of red tape is eliminated and you will receive your lump sum and your monthly benefits much faster.

Many attorneys or representative charge file costs for medical records which you will have to pay independent of attorney fees even if you lose. Medical records can be very expensive.  Mr. Peters solves that problem by using a Michigan Statute which allows him to obtain and provide medical records to Social Security at no cost to you.

When you hire disability lawyers at Social Security Professionals, you need no money to hire a disability attorney or pay for medical records.  Because we utilize a state statute regarding medical records, your medical records will almost always be obtained for free.   You’ll likely never have to spend a penny when you retain Social Security Professionals as your disability lawyers.



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