Free Consultation With A Social Security Disability Lawyer


When you can no longer work because of a mental or physical disability, you should call for a free consultation with a Social Security Disability lawyer. Your initial consultation and all subsequent consultations should all be free and should be with a real disability lawyer who focuses his or her practice on Social Security Disability, SSD, SSDI, and SSI cases.  You need to speak with the best disability lawyer suited to your particular disability claim.  

Your Consultation with a Disability Lawyer Should Always Be Free

When you call for a free consultation, the consultation and advice you receive from a disability lawyer should always be free. This may sound obvious, but some attorneys may actually try to charge you for an initial consultation. Do not allow this to happen to you.

All consultations from start to finish with an attorney in a Social Security disability case should be free. This is how we do it at my office. Call Social Security Professionals to discuss your SSD and/or SSI claim for free with a top rated disability lawyer.

You Need No Money to Hire a Disability Lawyer at Social Security Professionals

Social Security lawyers who are registered with the Social Security Administration will likely use a fee arrangement approved by the Social Security Administration which provides an attorney fee of 25% of your past due benefits or $6000 whichever is less. If you do not win benefits, there is absolutely no attorney fee.

Not only will your initial consultation be free, but all of your conversations with your attorney at Social Security professionals will be free as well. Think of this as a series of unlimited free consultations with a Social Security Disability lawyer. This promotes effective and open communication between disability attorney and client which is essential to winning A Social Security Disability and/or SSI Claim. The more effectively the attorney and client can communicate, the better prepared both will be at every step of the process including application, appeal, and disability hearing.

Some disability representatives may charge hourly rates. The problem with an hourly fee agreement in a Social Security Disability or SSI case is that it actually discourages effective communication between attorney and client because the client is charged a fee everytime the client asks a question. The safer way is to use a fee agreement that provides for a percentage fee only if you win and absolutely no attorney fees if you lose with unlimited free consultation. You should ask your potential disability law firm about their fee agreement during your initial conversation with a disability lawyer.

You should also be aware of disability or SSI representatives who charge a fee for completing documents. Don’t allow this to happen to you. This is something that a disability attorney should help you with free of charge.

Speak with a Real Lawyer at Social Security Professionals during Your Free Disability and SSI Consultation

When you search for a disability lawyer, you want to speak with a REAL Social Security disability lawyer, not a Secretary or a paralegal. It makes no sense to consult with a Secretary or paralegal when they have never been to a Social Security disability hearing and they don’t really know what it takes to win. At Social Security professionals, you will always speak with a real disability lawyer for free regarding your SSD and/or SSI case.

Be aware of individuals who claim to be disability lawyers who are in fact not lawyers at all. Ask them specifically if they are a licensed lawyer in good standing in Michigan.

Find a Lawyer Who Focuses Specifically on Social Security Disability Cases

You should determine during your free consultation whether or not the lawyer you are speaking with focuses specifically on Social Security disability and SSI cases. Many attorneys practice several areas of law and may dabble in Social Security law on occasion. Remember the old saying “A Jack of all trades but master of none.” Look for a disability lawyer who concentrates on disability cases to the exclusion of other cases.

At Social Security Professionals, we focus our practice entirely on Social Security disability, SSD, and SSI cases. That is all we do. Sometimes, however, disability cases will arise out of automobile accidents, premises liability, workers comp defective products, or medical malpractice cases. When this occurs, we will handle the disability case and we will match you to the best injury law firm that focuses on the particular type of injury case that caused the condition that prevents you from working. This ensures that you get the highest representation for all claims.

What Topics Should You Discuss during Your Free Consultation with a Social Security Disability Lawyer?

We frequently receive calls from Social Security Claimant’s who have called other disability law firms before speaking with us. They often complain that other disability firms did not answer their questions and did not explain the Social Security process. This is unacceptable. Frankly, a disability firm that does not answer your questions and does not explain to you how the Social Security decision process works does not deserve your business. Moreover, by not answering your questions, they are not preparing you for the Social Security decision making process you are about to experience. Avoid those firms.

When you call for a free disability consultation, you basically want to know 3 things. First, you want to know if you have a legitimate disability case. Second, you want to know how to win your case. And third, you want to know whether this disability lawyer is capable of winning your disability case.

One word of warning here: If a disability lawyer tells you that you have no case, call other disability lawyers. I have accepted and won too many disability cases for clients who were told by other disability attorneys they had no case. Seek 2nd opinions.

Ask questions. Ask immediately whether the consultation is free. If not, say goodbye and call somebody else. Ask the disability lawyer to explain the attorney fee agreement until you thoroughly understand it. Ask whether the attorney is a licensed Michigan attorney and how long he or she has been an attorney. Ask how long the attorney has been practicing Social Security Disability law. Ask if the attorney handles other cases besides Social Security disability and SSI cases.

During this Initial conversation, ask whether the attorney you are consulting with will be the attorney who actually appears with you at your hearing. Ask whether the attorney prepares a hearing brief and how many pages they tend to be. Ask whether the attorney will provide you with a copy of your hearing brief prior to your hearing so that you can use it to prepare for your disability hearing.

Ask whether the attorney will appeal an unfavorable decision. Some disability law firms will not appeal unfavorable decisions and will, in effect, hang you out to dry simply because they believe it is too much work.

Ask all of the above questions and any other questions that you can think of during your first communication with the disability law firm. At Social Security Professionals, we will answer all of your questions and will actually advise you as to the best way we can win your disability and SSI claims.

A Social Security Disability Lawyer Should Provide Free Advice during Your Initial Consultation

During your initial conversation with a disability lawyer, the lawyer should advise you of the strengths and weaknesses of your case. The disability attorney should further advise you as to the types of information and evidence the Social Security Administration will need to render a decision in your favor.

In addition to the above, the disability lawyer should advise you as to any other options that may be available to you such as personal injury or workers compensation claims.

Discuss How to Win Your Disability Case Using the GRIDS During Your Free Disability Consultation

When you talk with a disability lawyer, you should ask about application of the GRIDS to your case. The grids is a very useful tool used by disability lawyers to win disability cases. Surprisingly, however, many disability attorneys and even disability Judges overlook the grids resulting in unfavorable decisions.

If you are 50 years old or older, it is imperative that you discuss application of the grids to your case with a disability attorney during your disability consultation. When you understand how the grids work, you will have a much better understanding of how the Social Security disability decision process works and what types of evidence will help win your case. Learn more about the grids here.

Discuss How to Win Your Disability Case Using Impairment Listings

Another useful tool that can be used to obtain favorable decisions is “Impairment Listings.” These are very difficult to meet but when you do, you will likely win your claim, often even before your hearing.

You should discuss whether any Listings may apply to your case during your initial disability interview. Sometimes a Claimant will meet a listing but may have difficulty proving it. Sometimes it is a matter of having appropriate medical exams performed. But this is something that needs to be discussed during an initial conversation with a disability lawyer to get your medical evidence in proper order as soon as possible.

When you call Social Security Professionals and speak with a disability attorney, we can explain to you how we can win using an Impairment Listing.

Review the Impairment Listings to see if they apply to any of your conditions.

Why Should You Call a Disability Lawyer at Social Security Professionals for a Free Consultation?

When you call my office to speak with a disability lawyer, it will always be a Free Consultation whether you call 1 time or 100 times or more. You will never be handed off to a Secretary or paralegal. You will always speak with a real Social Security Disability lawyer who will answer all of your questions. We will advise you how to best pursue your disability case and what types of medical evidence we will need to win. We can advise you as to the strengths and weaknesses of your claim and we can advise as to whether we can use Grids or Impairment Listings to win your claim. We can advise you of all of this during our initial free consultation even before you decide to hire us.

Additionally, we can assist with completion of various forms, applications, and appeals and we will file a very detailed Social Security hearing brief on your behalf and provide you with a copy of your brief in advance of your hearing to help you prepare.

We will prep you before your hearing and we will go with you to your hearing to present your case on your behalf and we will file appeals if necessary. We will show you how we will win your Social Security Disability, SSDI, and SSI claims from our initial free consultation right through to your fully favorable disability decision.

Best of all, you need no money to hire us. Our fee is a small percentage of past due benefits only if you win. There is absolutely no fee if you lose. Of course, this means that we don’t make any money unless you win.

If you are considering filing a Social Security Disability or SSI claim or appealing a denial or unfavorable decision, call Donald Peters at Social Security Professionals for a Free Consultation with a Top disability lawyer with the highest A+ Rating from the Better Business Bureau. (248) 549 – 3485

Free Consultation with a Disability Lawyer
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