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I was involved in a serious automobile accident and had to attend therapy and rehabilitation.  My doctors told me to apply for Social Security Disability and SSI because I was unable to work. Even though it was obvious to everybody that I could not work, Social Security denied my claim. I called my attorney and he told me to call Mr. Peters at Social Security Professionals right away. I called Mr. Peters and I=m glad that I did.  We eventually went to a hearing with a Judge.  I still don=t understand what was said in the hearing but Mr. Peters told me afterward that everything was o.k.  The next thing I knew, I received a letter in the mail that said I won my claim.  I then received a large check and I receive a check every month that I use to live on.  I can say this for sure.  There is no way I could have won my hearing without an attorney.  I am very thankful to Mr. Peters for winning my claim.@      Donald McCoy.  Michigan  



I needed to find a disability Lawyer since I was no longer able to work.  I called Mr. Peters and we talked.  I felt very comfortable with our conversation and the idea of him taking on my claim.  I HIGHLY recommend Mr. Donald Peters for handling my disability claim.  He gets the job done.                                                                  Bev L. Belville Michigan. 


Donald peters help me get my Social Security.  He is a great attorney.  A.D.


Mr. Peters answered all my questions, quick response, my case ended with a win, very professional that’s for sure.     Loui R.


I decided to have an attorney handle my Social Security disability claim.  I started calling social security lawyer advertisements but was told I had no case.  I called some family attorneys we used in the past and I also spoke with union reps.  They all recommended I called Don Peters at Social Security professionals as the “go to” guy.  I called Mr. peters and after talking at length about my conditions and limitations, Mr. Peters said that I actually had a very good case and that I would likely win just by filing my application with no need of even going to a hearing.  We get copies of my records and notes from doctors regarding impairment listings.  Sure enough, we won within a few months on the application just as Mr. Peters said I would.  I didn’t even have to go to a hearing which I understand takes over a year to get to.  Since then, I’ve recommended Mr.  Peters to other people I know and he always wins.  Best attorney I’ve ever had.  Anthony D.


Mr. Peters did an amazing job appearing for my mom’s disability case.  There was never a moment where I doubted his ability to prove the facts of her case and when the case.  Answered all of our questions and made sure we understood all the details of the proceedings so that I wouldn’t be lost.  Thank you Don.    Jim A.


I called Mr. Peters for my  disability claim.  He was different from other disability offices that I called.  Other offices spent about 20 seconds with me before telling me I had no case.  I Called Mr. Peters and he spent a good half an hour listening to me and explaining how a Social Security case works.  My hearing took over 2 ½  hours.  I understand a normal hearing takes about a half hour.  My case was very involved and  the judge was very thorough and he had a ton of questions both for me and my attorney which Mr. Peters handled with amazing ease.  There is no way I could have handled my hearing by myself.  I could not have won my hearing without Mr. Peters knowledge and professionalism.  I highly recommend Mr. Peters to anybody seeking disability benefits.           Sandy H.


Mr. Peters was professional and detail oriented.  He made the appeal process go smoothly and he won disability benefits for my husband.  I strongly recommend him!!    Kelly F. 


Attorney Donald Peters helped me to get my social security disability.  I am a disabled vet and he worked very hard for me.  He was always there to answer my questions.  He won my claim and he would not even accept an attorney fee.  Mr. Peters is a fair and honest attorney that I would recommend to anyone.                                        Tommy F


Best in town hands down.  After going around trying to find a Social Security lawyer to take my case, I was turned down by many who told me I was too young.   I was ready to give up.  Lawyer Donald Peters took my case and put together a nice 15 page hearing brief regarding my conditions and my disability beginning in April 2015.  The judge awarded me a fully favorable decision.  Thank you guys so much for helping me change my life.             Joe M. 


I had Don Peters representing me in my disability case.  I had to go in front of the federal judge multiple times and each time Mr. Peters was very prepared and professional in my case.  2 years later, they tried to take my disability away but Don was there to help take care of it no questions asked and I’m still on disability which I need terribly.  Don Peters is a standup guy and excellent attorney and class act.   I recommended 6 friends to Mr. Peters for their disability cases and Mr. Peters won all of them.  My friends are still thanking me for sending me to Mr. Peters.  Thank you for your hard work and your professional expertise Mr. Peters.                                                F.W.  St Clair Shores, MI